version 0.99.0 2019.10.21
-Show message when cropping with PyPDF2 failed
-Allow auto detect from command line

version 0.7.0 2019.07.03
-Allow user to use either PyPDF2 or PyMuPDF to crop
-other changes

version 0.6.0 2019.03.09
-Allow user to set order of pages
-minor improvement of auto detection
-Add shortcut key in SetLayoutDialog

version 0.5.0 2019.01.03
-Switch to PyMuPDF for rendering PDF
-bug fixes
-other changes

version 0.4.0 2018.11.26
-fix mediaBox if lowerLeft of original mediaBox is not [0,0] (only fixed when page is not rotated)
-add actions in menuBar
-other changes

version 0.3.2 2018.09.19
-update and fix translation
-load Qt translation
-maximize window at start

version 0.3.1 2018.09.07
-update Chinese (Traditional) translation
-include more files in MANIFEST.in

version 0.3.0 2018.09.06
-set mediabox correctly if page is rotated

version 0.2.1 2018.06.30
-internationalization and add Chinese (Traditional) translation

version 0.2.0 2018.06.20
-do not show path of input file in window title
-change user interface, using combobox to support more pages per sheet

version 0.1.1 2018.06.05
-only draw pixmap when needed
-add desktop file and icon

version 0.1.0 2018.05.30
-Initial commit